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Engage Your Students

We provide a mobile-first personal assistant that engages students to self-regulate and build learning strategies.
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Nudge Students

Using personalized notifications, our assistant can form study groups, leverage peer tutors, suggest study schedules and more...
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Data & Insightful Analytics

Access new data that garners insight into student behavior such as procrastination, foresight, and engagement
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What We Do

Our Approach

StudyTree integrates academic support services of higher education institutions with artificial intelligence to provide students with a mobile academic assistant. StudyTree analyzes students’ grades and behavioral patterns to construct customized recommendations to improve their academic performance. Additionally, StudyTree serves advisors and administrators by providing them managerial access to the application, which enables insight to useful statistics and an overview of each student’s individual progress.

Personalized Messages

We will nudge students to build study schedules and suggest strategies.


Our mobile technology is designed to build a unique relationship with each student. By being mobile-first, StudyTree opens the opportunity to provide unique engagement and become incorporated into their daily life.

Highly Adopted

We built StudyTree to look and feel like other apps students like to use. Being extremely user friendly, your students will download and share StudyTree with each other. Have StudyTree go viral among your student body.

Enhance Self-Regulation

We help students self-assess themselves, build successful learning strategies, and inspire completion with gamification.

Drive student collaboration

We motivate students to collaborate by forming jigsaw study groups.


Our platform is built to be extremely customizable to suit each institutions individual needs.

Everything in one platform

Manage Support Services

StudyTree manages many types of academic resources including peer tutors, tutoring centers, supplemental instruction, supplementary material, and academic coaches.

One platform for all Resources

Students can easily see which resources apply to them. Resources can be grouped and mapped to students based on qualifications such as TRIO, online-students, special needs, first-year, or any custom group.

Leverage External Support Services

StudyTree has a network of valuable external support tools to enhance students’ learning process.

Dynamic Scheduling

Students can easily create study schedules.

Prior to an exam, StudyTree asks students to self-evaluate their abilities to determine their strengths and weaknesses. After reviewing their schedule, StudyTree will plot out a path to reach their academic goals.


View Student Data & Usage

Administrators receive insight into each student's ability to self-regulate. With our platform, it is easy to identify the areas in which each student needs improvement.

Our Mission

Our mission at StudyTree is to equip students with technology they trust and positively influence their behaviors. Establishing a unique relationship, StudyTree aims to maximize their performance.