" Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn. " Benjamin Franklin

Our Dedication to Student Success

Our mission at StudyTree is to equip students with technology they trust and positively influence their behaviors. Establishing a unique relationship, StudyTree aims to maximize their performance.

Where we are going

With the advancements of artificial intelligence and machine learning, we believe that poor human behavior can be identified and addressed using machines.

Our Team

Silviu Nedelciuc


Silviu is passionate about A.I, Science, and Futurism. With a masters in computational optimization, he focuses on the design and management of StudyTree's development process. Silviu previously worked at Amazon and Endava as a software engineer.

Ethan Keiser


Ethan wished he created StudyTree in high school so that he could have used it in college. Completing his computer science degree from Drexel University, Ethan has a passion for education, A.I, and gamification.

Leon Kim

Data Scientist

Leon makes StudyTree super intelligent. He is a recent graduate of Carnegie Mellon with a degree in mathematics. His general philosophy on data modeling is akin to Occam's razorin. In his own words,"data science is at heart extracting interpretable knowledge for decision making."

Nicholas Fly

UX Developer

Nick manages StudyTree's web platform. He studied Structural Engineering at Drexel University and completed his study in Computer Science at LaSalle University. He has numerous projects for Fortune 500 companies in his portfolio including enterprise and hybrid applications.

Yoshi Mua

Success Specialist

Graduating from The Close School of Entrepreneurship at Drexel University, Yoshi works on business development. As an Army Veteran, he uses his leadership insight and organizational skills for growth and efficiency at StudyTree

Jon Clownman

Success Specialist